2011 – Turning Points: Women Have Their Say

The New Play Festival took place on the 7th of March at New World Stages at 8 PM, in celebration of SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now)!

The 2011 New Play Festival roster of plays, authors and directors:

A Less Than Ideal Position
Playwright Robin Rothstein, Director Valentina Fratti


Playwright Robin Rice Lichtig, Director Kathryn Long

Cooking In
Playwright Kitty Chen, Director Marcy Arlin

Dim Sum

Playwright   Deborah Savadge , Director Melissa Maxwell

Dust to Dust

Playwright Elizabeth Hess, Director Colleen Toole

I Believe in Marriage
Playwright Susan Merson, Director Shellen Lubin

Playwright Fengar Gael, Director Lorca Peress

Paper Flowers From Now On

Playwright Leah Kornfeld Friedman, Director Ludovica Villar-Hauser

Top Secret America

Playwright Andrea Lepcio, Director Alexa Kelly

Wedding Bells

Playwright Glenda Frank, Director Edie Cowan

White Dress

Playwright Laura A. Shamas, Director Dev Bondarin

Performers scheduled to appear include:
Richarda Abrams
, Robert Baumgardner, Barbara Bonilla, Stephen Bradbury, Elizabeth A. Davis, Taleen Dersdepanian, Mark Emerson, Andrew Eisenman, Leah Kornfeld Friedman, Donna Haley, Michael Gilpin, Susan Greenhill, Elizabeth Hess, Ana Maria Jomolca, Kathryn A. Layng, Annie McGovern, Jared McNeill, Jed Peterson, Jay Potter, David Rasche, Darcie Siciliano, Jelena Stupljanin, Scotty Watson, Shaun Bennet Wilson, and Hollis Witherspoon.

LPTW Members are listed in Dark Purple