2009 – Turning Points: Women Have Their Say

The League proudly produced a New Play Festival on November 9th, 2009 at the Cherry Lane. The theme chosen for this Festival was “Turning Points: Women Have Their Say”.


L to R: Frances Sternhagen, Kathleen Chalfant; Main image: Jacqueline Antaramian (photos:Gerry Goodstein)


river post-futurist
Playwright: Paula Cizmar, Director: Melanie Sutherland, Actors: Leah Curney & Brandon Jones

Playwright: Glenda Frank, Director: Edie Cowan, Actors: Cady Huffman & Michael Pemberton

I Stood With My Satchel
Playwright: Leah Kornfeld Friedman, Director: Ludovica Villar-Hauser, Actor: Jacqueline Antaramian

And Then I Went Inside
Playwright: Anne Hamilton, Director: Lorca Peress, Actor: Kathleen Chalfant

Playwright: Shirley Lauro, Director: Melanie Moyer Williams, Actors: Laura Anderson & Andrea Mezvinsky


Director, playwright and cast of THE RIGHT NUMBER by Deborah Savadge (photo: Gerry Goodstein)

A Chip On My Shoulder
Playwright: Carol Mack, Director: Tricia McDermott, Actor: Kathryn A. Layng

The Waiter
Playwright: Sheilah Rae, Director: Pamela Hunt, Actors: Randy Graff, Kristin Maloney & Noah Racey

The Right Number
Playwright: Deborah Savadge, Director: Melissa Maxwell, Actors: Lyndsay Becker, Brian W. Seibert & Jed Peterson

Half Light
Playwright: Joan Vail Thorne, Director: Elyse Singer, Actors: Maryann Plunkett, Nat Cassidy & Frances Sternhagen

What’s Left
Playwright: Lee Thuna, Director: Cara Reichel, Actors: Anthony Cummings & Kathryn Grody



Monday, November 9th, 2009 at 8:00pm
the Cherry Lane Theatre
38 Commerce Street
Produced by: Joan Firestone & Rachel Reiner