Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, but you think should be included, please contact us.

I am having issues with the membership application.
If you are having issues with your sponsors, please try typing in their last name first and selecting them from the drop-down menu that appears. For all other questions about membership, please e-mail Please also note that our membership application often does not work properly with internet explorer. Please try to access it from another browser.

How do I log in?
To log in to your LPTW account, click the “Login” button at the top of the screen or visit Your username is your name. If you do not have a password, or if you have forgotten it, please e-mail the Administrative Director at and she will generate a temporary password for you.

How do I log in?
Members-Only Content includes the Member Forums, Member News & Events and Member Recognition pages, as well as the member directory and your own member profile.

How do I update my profile?
After you have logged in to your account, there will be a link in the middle of the page that says, “Edit Member Profile”. Click that link, and it will take you a page that will allow you to edit most of your information, as well as hide certain information if you do not want it visible to the general membership. Please make sure that your profile is up to date, as we use the information you have provided to do our e-blasts and mailings, and we want to make sure that you are always in the loop.

Why can’t I edit my join-date, or why does my join-date not reflect when I actually joined?
The join date listed on the member profile may be incorrect if you joined before our current database was implemented. The date will reflect only when you were put into the system. At present, there is no way to adjust this.

I don’t remember when I joined. Do you keep records?
Our records only reflect when you were entered into the database. For all of our newer members, it will accurately reflect your join date. But for members who have been with us for many years, it won’t be accurate. As such, it is up to the individual member to keep track of this.

I need the contact information of a fellow member. How do I find it?
After you have logged in, you will see a link above your name that says “Directory” and it will take you to this page: There, you can search for and scroll through our current members to find their contact information. If you see a profile for them but no information is listed, it is because they have chosen to hide their contact information.

I can’t find a certain person in the directory. Why not?
Chances are that the membership has lapsed. Only current members are listed in the directory. If you can’t find someone who you think is a current member, please contact us and we will look into it for you.

Where do I find Members-Only Event Listings?
On the Member News and Events page, which can be viewed after you have logged in:

How do I submit a listing for the Dedicated E-Blast or the E-news?
You cannot submit to the bi-weekly Dedicated E-Blast, as that information is pre-scheduled. However you can absolutely submit listings to the E-News by visiting this form.

Your listing MUST be 75 words or less, or it will not be included. It will be listed EXACTLY as it is submitted, so please check for typos. It will be included in the E-news email that goes out to our membership, and it will be listed on the website under Member News and Events.

Only events that directly involve a member will be included – please don’t submit a listing for a friend who isn’t in the LPTW. All submissions must be received by Monday at Midnight to be included in the E-mail that will go out on Thursday. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please refrain from including event listings that are more than a month away. Listings will remain on the website until the event is over, but for inclusion in the e-blast itself, the listing must be re-submitted via the form each time.

What kind of listings are and are not appropriate for the E-News?
We invite you to include listings to any theatrical presentations, performances, panels or other related events, as well as publications, awards and other professional milestones. Please do not submit things that are personal in nature, or things like classes to which members receive no discounts, or things like apartment listings or personal items for sale. You can use the Member Forums for those kinds of listings.

I am scheduled to submit something for a Dedicated E-blast. How do I do that?
Please send the text you would like included EXACTLY as you would like it to appear in the body of an e-mail, with any images you would like included attached as jpegs, to the Administrative Director at by midnight on the Tuesday prior to the E-blast’s scheduled date. No corrections can be made to this submission after it has been received. Corrections can not be sent out to the entire mailing list after an e-blast has been sent. Please do not include any other items in your e-mail, only the submission and appropriate images.

I am a new Board Member and I need an LPTW E-mail Address. How do I get one?
E-mail the Administrative Director at and she will set one up for you.

I would like to purchase a copy of WIT Magazine. How do I do that?
Women in Theatre Magazine is free! Contact us with your name and address and we will mail one to you.

I have a question about Blog30!
Please contact members Melanie Sutherland or Susan Bernfield. You can find their contact information in the member directory.