Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee of LPTW will offer counsel, technical assistance, and moral support to members upon request.  Mentoring will be provided from members to members, utilizing the vast reservoir of skill sets available through these means.

The centerpiece of the Mentoring Committee has always been and will continue to be One-on-One Peer Mentoring, bringing together two women from LPTW who have areas of expertise they can offer each other with the intention of working together to achieve finite goals, but also to develop strong ties and ongoing relationships.  We need to keep exploring ways and means of making this initiative known and facilitating this opportunity.  One way is our new Mentoring Blog, which Shellen and Margery will write documenting their own Peer Mentoring experience.

This fall, we will be starting three sub-committees–Big Sisters, Minute by Minute Mentoring, and Discipline-Based Groups.  We are looking for members to chair these sub-committees–please let us know if you are interested.

Discipline-Based Groups,  The intention with these discipline-based groups is to have a Mentoring-Committee-sponsored roundtable once a year for each discipline–in person, online, or by email–allowing it then to spin off however participants desire:  ongoing meetings, online forum, individual networking, etc.  Under the rubric of these discipline-based groups could be both Inter-Disciplinary Discussions and Focused Workshops, based on the needs and desires of each group.  The first Focused Workshop was held for writers with two agents from Bret Adams Agency and was extremely successful, both for information and for networking.

Big Sisters.  This committee would work with the Welcoming Committee to provide each new member with one-on-one guidance to getting involved with LPTW.  The Big Sister could be someone already known or someone new, but it needs to be someone highly involved with the organization, and with similar organizational interests.

Minute by Minute Mentoring.  This long-term project is proposed in conjunction with the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition (and possibly with other Coalition member orgs) to answer questions from all over the country–and even around the world–about the business.  The goal is to ultimately create an online searchable FAQ about working in the arts and the business of being an artist.

Shellen Lubin

Margery Klain


Mentoring Committee


Okay, some details first explaining what we’re doing, but hopefully after that it won’t be quite so information-laden.

In an effort to better in-house publicize what can be accomplished through Peer Mentoring, we, the Co-Chairs of the Mentoring Committee, have decided to Co-Mentor each other (what an education!).  We’ll blog here on the LPTW website so that all of you can gain some more insight into the process of Peer Mentoring, and just share some of what we’re doing and what we’re able to accomplish.

Many of you may not be aware of what is possible through Peer Mentoring, and hopefully checking in on this blog and seeing how we facilitate each other may be illuminating in some way.  We would also like it to be amusing and will try as best we can to be so (and if there are any graphic artists or illustrators who would like to work with us, we’d love some accompanything sketches!).

Peer Mentoring is being developed by LPTW since we are all highly educated and accomplished, but our skill sets vary, and most of us have worked in different roles and arenas in the theatre world.  In peer mentoring, we’re learning from each other, and giving each other new perspectives and insight.  Each person comes to the table desiring information and feedback on some aspect of their work and/or career, and the two people work together to see how to facilitate that and assist each other in moving forward.

Some Background on the Peer Mentors:

For full bios, check out our pages on the LPTW website.

Shellen Lubin is Co-Secretary of LPTW, and has been on the Board for two years. She is also the Co-President of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition.  In her professional life, she works as a Director, Composer/Lyricist, Playwright, and more.  She also privately coaches actors and singers.  She most recently directed and wrote the songs for BETWEEN PRETTY PLACES, a musical ghost story, play by member Susan Merson, at Pacific Resident Theatre and at Here (Past President of LPTW Kristin Marting, Artistic Director) and directed the 28th Annual Bistro Awards for member Sherry Eaker. @shlubin

Margery Klain was on the Board of LPTW for many years.  General Partner/Lead Producer for DAS BARBECU, MOUNTAIN, DAUGHTERS (introducing Maria Tomei), and A SHAYNA MAIDEL, featuring Melissa Gilbert, which received numerous awards including for the adaptation on NBC Hallmark Hall of Fame.  She owned Theater Four for nine years, housing the Negro Ensemble Company and Manhattan Theatre Club as well as numerous other plays.  She also served on the Board of Directors of the New York Theatre Workshop during the development years of RENT (which went on to win Tony and Pulitzer awards).  She is currently working on a 25th Anniversary production of A SHAYNA MAIDEL, in pre-production for Broadway.

Peer Mentoring Goals and Why:

MARGERY:  STRATEGIC PLANNING UTILIZING SOCIAL MEDIA TO SUSTAIN SUCCESS.  Shellen has a strong online presence, and is extremely comfortable with social media.  For Margery’s current project, she is very interested in both developing a stronger online presence and better use of social media.  She also wants to explore how to monetize both.  Shellen is going to help her develop these skills and explore how best to present and promote her project online.  The finite goal over one year is to learn how to use social media for a strategic plan in the production of A SHAYNA MAIDEL.

SHELLEN:  GETTING HER MOST RECENT PLAY PRODUCED.  Margery has a strong production background, and Shellen has an exciting, challenging new project–her own take on the story of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, in iambic pentameter but with a contemporary perspective, called The Quality of Respect.  The play takes place in Venice in 1592, including the first Jewish ghetto (Shellen researched the play and period for 10 years before completing it). It is virtually all in iambic pentameter.  Margery is assisting Shellen to figure out where and how to get the work for production.  The finite goal over one year is to get a production of the play that will continue to develop it.

FIRST BLOG (July, 2013)

At our first meeting, we were mostly getting to know each other better.  Lunch at Tick Tock Diner by Penn Station is convenient to both, and is probably going to be our meeting place of choice.  We can go over plans for the Mentoring Committee as well as discuss our individual upcoming projects and challenges.  Catching up on current details of our families and LPTW sisters is a part of that, as well as the progress of various other projects.

SECOND BLOG (August, 2013)

At our second meeting, we made the decision as to what we will focus on together as Peer Mentors (see Peer Mentoring Goals above), and one year goals, and Shellen sent Margery off with a copy of her play, THE QUALITY OF RESPECT, while Margery sent Shellen off with some research to do on monetizing social media, and some people she is looking for to round out her production team.

Our next lunch will be soon after Labor Day, and we’ll check in with you after that.

THIRD BLOG (September 5, 2013)

Okay, we now have a treasured wait-person at Tick Tock.  Her name is Naomi.  She’s incredibly accommodating, and lets us sit there forever taking care of business.   She also soothed ruffled feathers when some manager told us we couldn’t have our usual booth because it was needed for 4 and they’re very busy (that whole row of booths was empty the whole time we were there).  But Naomi is great.

So was our session.  Made plans for the fall for the Mentoring Committee, and also dug into progressing plans for each of our projects.  Margery had some ideas for strategic partners for Shellen to look into, organizations that would be interested in the research and the play who might be consultants and advocates.  Shellen will look into these.  Shellen had some ideas for how to contact a few people Margery is looking to reach out to, and will get her contact information from various sources online.

We also each presented a visualization of how we see the project blossoming:  MARGERY-Opening night on Broadway with her granddaughter there assisting.  SHELLEN-Talkback discussing portrayal of Jews onstage over the centuries at a theatre producing THE MERCHANT OF VENICE and THE QUALITY OF RESPECT in repertory with the same cast.


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