Editorial Committee

Calling all writers, interviewers, artists, cartoonists & photographers!

The Editorial Board for LPTW’s annual Women in Theatre magazine 2014 is accepting proposals for articles for the forthcoming issue.

WIT Magazine highlights the programs, events and members of the League of Professional Theatre Women. The 2014 issue will be devoted to International Theatre. Articles will focus on the innovative women theatre professionals — producers, writers, directors, designers — who are creating and performing work that gives voice and substance to issues affecting women in different parts of the world. The issue will be a 32 page magazine that will be distributed to LPTW’s 1000 subscribers as well as to various libraries, schools, organizations and foundations. Its readership is comprised of knowledgeable theatre professionals who are actively involved in theatre throughout the USA and abroad, so articles must be informative, thought-provoking and engaging, Modest payment on publication.

The Editor for the 2013 issue of Women In Theatre is Carolyn Balducci. The Editorial Advisory Board includes Lorca Peress, Maxine Kern, Chantal Bilodeau, and Joyce Maio. All articles & photos will be assigned. Send an email to Carolyn Balducci summarizing your topic and why you want to write it. Put the title of your proposed article in the subject line of your email. (If you are willing to contribute but don’t have a title yet, put Writer/Photographer/Artist WIT2014 in the subject line.) Send queries to: Carolyn Balducci, editor, balducci@umich.edu.

Please submit a 2-3 sentence proposal & 50 word bio by October 23. Deadline for final drafts of articles and photos: December 1st


Click Here to download the guidelines: Women in Theatre

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