Circles by Discipline

Dear League Members,

We are pleased to announce a new committee: Circles by Discipline. We have all felt the need to want to get to know more intimately who the other League members are in our main focus discipline; to share ideas, network within that specific group, to constructively discuss the joys and frustrations, and to find common ground and interests. If you are interested in joining a group, please click the link for more information. We hope to have Circles formed before our September 17th Launch Event.
Below are 12 Circle Disciplines to choose from. Please choose one that best fits your discipline, the one you identify with most that brought you to the League. If these Circles continue to meet and you find you are truly involved with more than one discipline, you can join that Circle at a later date.
We are trying to have a list of names before our Launch Event to be held on Wednesday, September 17th. Once we have compiled the lists we will set up a calendar with dates for you to participate in in your first meeting with your particular group. We are aiming to hold all first meetings between mid-October through the end of November. We will be holding them from 10 AM-12 PM.
It is soley up to each group to decide what they would like to accomplish, focus on, if indeed it becomes a regular meetup group. If so, the facilitator constantly rotates. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer to be your particular groups initial facilitator. The location where the groups will meet for the first time only, TBA. After that, it is up to each group to secure a location. However, as there are so many Circles, if you personally have a location or suggestion of where to meet, do let us know as finding one place for everyone may be difficult. That would be a big help, thank you.
If this interests you, please send in your Circle Discipline no later than, September 10th, so we can organize dates and names. Send your Discipline to:
We look forward in hearing from you and hope that this concept is well-received and fulfilling.
To creative success,
Miriam Kulick
Chair/Coordinator of Circles Committee
Circles by Discipline:
Dramaturgs/Literary Managers
Producers/Artistic Directors/Executive Directors/Administrators
Agents/Casting Directors/Managers
Stage Managers/Tech
Marketing/PR/Development Professionals

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