Equal Pay Day: April 8, 2014



Call for action to close the wage gap now! Join advocates across NYS!

NYC Rally with NYC Council Speaker at 12 Noon! 

APRIL 8 – NATIONAL EQUAL PAY DAY – is the day in 2014 when women’s salaries catch up to men’s earnings from 2013. That’s right – over fifteen months work for one year’s pay!

The Equal Pay Coalition NYC, in coordination with the Women’s Equality Coalition, is leading a statewide campaign to push for action on equal pay this year. We need your help to send a loud, clear message: New Yorkers do not want to wait another year for stronger equal pay protections!

ELECTED OFFICIALS across New York are proclaiming April 8th Equal Pay Day and holding press conferences to demonstrate support for policies that support women’s economic success.

ADVOCATES are writing letters to the editor, holding events, and contacting their State Senators urging passage of the Women’s Equality Act www.nywomensequality.org which has strong equal pay provisions.

YOU can help get out the message on April 8!

  • Call your Senator Today – message and links below
  • Join our Twitter Storm – samples below
  • Attend an event in your area – go to www.equalpaynewyork.org
  • And…Wear RED…because women are still in the RED!

JOIN US! NYC RALLY & PRESS CONFERENCEwith NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito & Council Members! April 8 – 12 Noon – Steps of City Hall!



HASHTAGS: #NoMadMenPay, #EqualPay, #UpgradeNY

HANDLES: in addition to your handle, use: @EqualPayNY @NY4Women

  • No #EqualPay in NY? Then how about 8 months rent or a year of groceries?  http://bit.ly/1pzmaoy #NoMadMenPay  #UpgradeNY
  • This isn’t a TV Drama, it’s real life. #WEA would give real NY women #EqualPay for equal work. http://bit.ly/1li3dFd #NoMadMenPay
  • .@SenatorSkelos @JeffKleinNY – IDC, GOP, DEM – whatever. We want #WEA NOW! #EqualPay  #UpgradeNY #NoMadMenPay


Senators are home on break… we need to flood the lines on Equal Pay Day!You can find the phone number/email at http://www.nysenate.gov/senators  OR call 518-455-2800


“As an advocate for stronger equal pay laws in NYS, I urge you to advance this economic issue this year.NY labor law has proven insufficient to combat the gender wage gap. The provisions of the Women’s Equality Act would strengthen existing laws by prohibiting employers from terminating or retaliating against employees who share salary information, tighten exceptions in current law, discourage discrimination by increasing damages awarded to plaintiffs, and help working women and their families.


The NYS Assembly has already passed the Women’s Equality Act. It is time for the NYS Senate to do the same. New Yorkers do not want to wait another year to upgrade New York laws!”



  • If the wage gap were closed, the average NY working woman and family would have $8500 in additional wages. That’s enough money for more than a year’s worth of food; 9 additional months of rent; 3 extra years of family health insurance premiums; or more than 2,000 gallons of gas!
  • Women head more than 1,000,000 households in New York, and more than 63% of working mothers in New York are primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners.
  • Eliminating the wage gap would provide crucial income to nearly 280,000 New York families living in poverty. In New York, more than 26% percent of women-headed households live below the poverty level.

Questions: Contact Beverly Neufeld, EPCNYC Directorbcneufeld@gmail.comwww.equalpaynewyork.org | @EqualPayNY



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One Comment on “Equal Pay Day: April 8, 2014”

  1. Paula McConnell
    April 5, 2014 at 10:58 pm #

    It is about time girlfriends! Thanks for making this a part of increased public awareness.

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